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About Cat Nanny

I recently moved "back" to Rock Hill, SC from KY in Feb. 2013 and I'm from the Carolinas. My family relocated to Louisville from SC in June 2009 where my cat sitting started. I've worked in many different fields over the years, most recently as a Realtor. I homeschool my children & serve in my community. I have 3 "cat children" that are treated as special as every member of my family. I have a passion for taking care of your precious kitties when you're away. I needed someone to care for my cats, & looked at pet boarding facilities. Cats are not "treated equally" in these places. Their space is so cramped along w/other things. I was blessed to find a professional to come into our home & meet our expectations. 

In August 2008, we lost Cassie (indoor) who was 7 yrs. old, unexpectedly. A few months prior at her annual checkup she was healthy. We returned from a short trip, & Cassie was  a very sick kitty.  She didn't look good. I rushed her to the ER Vet thinking she had just not eaten & was going to be ok. The vet gave us bad news & possible causes that left a very uncertain outcome, if treated. We faced the only choice of letting her go to sleep & stop suffering, the hardest decision. We went home without Cassie, & I'm still taking one day at a time to heal from her loss. She was a very special kitty to us & will never be forgotten. Needless to say, since then, I never leave my kitties alone for days, or with just food & water. I have a cat sitter come & take care of them for me each day. It gives me peace of mind knowing I don't have to worry.

I have the necessary experience & personal passion to provide you with peace of mind in knowing your cats will be well taken care of when you are away. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you & to love your kitties. I can provide you with references upon request. 

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Kelly Conway,

Your Personal Cat Nanny

Our kitty Cassie~A very special blessing