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 I don't do dogs, but I can refer you...  Every Other Day Visits:

Because I only do cats, & own cats myself, I won't have any smells of a dog on me from previous visits. Cats are happier in their own environment & do quite well with one or two visits a day. Most dogs must be walked, & let out several times in a 24 hr. period. Other dogs enjoy accompanying their owners on road trips. I’m focusing my services on cats, so I can offer your kitties the utmost care & attention they deserve.  I am happy to provide referrals for anyone who needs the services of a pet sitter and/or doggie daycare, who can accommodate you.


Excerpts from a very "SPECIAL LETTER" I received on the benefits of "in-home" pet sitting & the importance of my services!!!!!~taken from a letter sent to "Cindy's Cat Sitting & Dragonfly Dreams Rescues",Plantation, FL


I am sending this e-mail to you to expound upon the fact that your services are well needed. The story of my cat “CC” who passed away 4 years ago at the ripe old age of 15 is one that you can share. I had a business trip that would last 2 weeks.  I brought my cat to a friend who knew and loved my cat.  She seemed fine at first but after a few days she began to refuse food and water and my friend became concerned.  Nothing would entice her to eat.  By the time I came home my “CC” was dehydrated and just about ready to die.

 I brought her to the vet who proceeded to place an IV for 24 hours.  After that time, he said I was wasting my money and would do nothing more for her.  It seems that she had missed me so much that she quit interacting and then her fat deposits attacked her organs or something to that effect.  He told me to take her home to die or have her put down.  That night as sick as she was, she brought me her mouse to play much to my surprise.  I told the children to pet her and talk to her every time they came near her and within a few days she was healthy again.  She was 8 years old then.  She lived a long and healthy life until old age took over at 15 years.

The point is an animal cannot be told you will be back; they just know that you disappeared. Stress is the major point of illness when an owner just disappears for no apparent reason to the cat. I hope that this story helps you see that what you are offering is a really needed service.  I have moved to KY for a while but will contact you when I get back to FL.

To your success


Unforeseen problems can occur with cats regarding their health, etc. due to request for less than daily care. With this consideration, cat nanny will be cautious & monitor kitty accordingly on visit days.

Why Visit Kitty? We love our kitties and want the best care for them. Cats by nature are independent but when we bring them into our homes they can be just as social and dependent on affection as dogs. If your cat loves attention, likes to be alone, or both, they notice when their owners aren’t there. Some owners feel leaving their cats alone for a couple days, with plenty of food & water is fine. Many things could happen in the home or to kitty. Getting trapped somewhere with no access to food or water, the stress of being alone, having daily routines interrupted, medical issues, fights with other pets in the house. There are things that can go wrong with the home such as a broken pipe, sprinklers that don't turn off or break in. Any of these things could happen within hours and cause problems but the sooner a problem is addressed the quicker it can be resolved.

Below are just a few of many stories reported by pet sitters:

~Cat got front arm stuck inside its own collar & could barely walk in between visits.

~Two cats were playing & locked themselves in the bedroom with no access to food & water.

~Walked into a cat sit where I found the stove top burner flame going on high. Thank goodness it was everyday. ~I've had one cat that used to get stuck in the smallest spaces; once in a tiny drawer, once wedged behind a large cabinet against a wall, once tangled up in a bunch of cords where his front legs were not able to touch the floor & he was soaking wet from sweating. He was a twice a day sit, I couldn't even imagine if he were an Every Other Day.

~Sitter noticed that cat was using the litter box a lot while she was there & only a small amount was coming out. Cat also didn't seem his normal self, called owners, took cat to vet. Cat was blocked & had a huge bladder because of being unable to pee. Male cats can become blocked and will die in 72 hours unless treated.